Student review of English course: Lilly

Lilly - The Language Academy - Student

We catch up with Lilly who has just completed her English studies with us here at The Language Academy.

Read below to hear about Lilly’s study experiences, her biggest challenge and her advice for future students.

Course language: Intensive General English (NON-CRICOS/NON-Accredited)
Course length: 3 months
Home country: From the French speaking part of Switzerland, Bex, which is 1.5 hours from Geneva
Fun fact: Lilly’s real name is Aurelié but chose the nickname Lilly for easier pronunciation when meeting new friends.


What is your favourite thing about studying at The Language Academy?

Ⓐ “My relationship with my teachers, all of them. I have had the chance to have several teachers, and I have built good relationships with all of them. They all have a different attitude and way of teaching. It’s very nice as it’s always different, so I can’t get bored [laughing]. Usually I have two teachers a week, so it’s quite nice.”


Tell us what a day in the classroom looks like? What activities do you find useful?

Ⓐ “First I have a cup of tea [laughing]. Depending if its Monday or not, we talk about what we’ve done the day before, or what happened during weekend, then we talk about a bit of everything we have learned before starting a new topic. Actually, because I like talking, I would say it’s my strength. I spend a lot of time talking, it’s the best way I can learn. [The teachers] find the best way to teach you, and because I had a one-on-one lesson, it was really nice to build the relationship.”


What has been your biggest challenge while studying English?

Ⓐ “If I talk about the language itself, it would be the tenses; the best one you have to choose to describe a situation - now I’m quite comfortable with that. I can easily say, ‘Who will be teaching me tomorrow?’. I couldn’t say that a couple of months ago. I feel I have improved. Also, my vocabulary. Because I’m quite open to learning everything, if I’m here I would like to learn as much about the culture as possible.’


What has been one of your favourite things to do on the Gold Coast?

Ⓐ “We climbed Mt Warning. We did that with my teachers and some other students. I had always wanted to do that, and finally we did it. Not in the morning for sunrise, we started a bit late [laughing]. That was really nice. I was a bit afraid of not doing it as it’s almost time for me to go. I really wanted to do it.”


What piece of advice would you give to students considering studying in Australia?

Ⓐ “Not being afraid of making mistakes when you talk. Because this is the way you can improve, even though the Aussie accent is not so easy [laughing]. I would say people are so friendly, they would just be interested in knowing you. Of course, we’re all a bit shy at the beginning, but soon you can feel a bit more fluent.”


How has this course prepared you for the future?

Ⓐ “I will soon start my studies to become a primary school teacher. It a three-year course. Before that I wanted to have a break, discover some other areas and cultures. The course is back in Switzerland and I’m already enrolled.”


A big thank you to Aurelié for choosing to study with us here on the Gold Coast. Keep in touch.

If you’re interested in learning English, call us on (07) 5578 6838 or email to find out more.

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